Avenue Greenlight is a new philanthropically funded community-driven initiative to promote the economic recovery and community revitalization of our commercial corridors throughout San Francisco’s diverse neighborhoods. Avenue Greenlight will rapidly deploy privately resourced dollars to all 34 of the city’s individual merchant associations to support hyper-local, community improvement projects, leveraging the thought partnership of a variety of local public realm nonprofits for sustainability moving forward. Each merchant association will receive an initial $50,000 grant allocated by Avenue Greenlight working alongside the San Francisco Council of District Merchants Associations Community Fund as the 501(c)3 administrative partner.

Avenue Greenlight funds can be used for a range of projects:

Branding your neighborhoods

Creating locally produced merchandise that supports your ethos can generate perpetual revenue for the organization. Invest in marketing, share what is special about your neighborhood, tell the world why they should visit. Creating QR codes that will tell the history behind these amazing neighborhoods.

Streetscape Beautification

Map out areas in need of / or with the potential for new City-approved sidewalk trees, medium or frontage planter boxes. Identify opportunities to work with local artists, navigate the City permit processes, work with neighbors, and activate dead space with new public art installations.

Community Safety

Create pedestrian Safety Measures by working alongside reputable advocacy organizations and implementing Vision Zero safety treatment measures to meet our city’s goal of zero injuries or fatalities. Bring the SafeCity community-driven camera program to your neighborhood as a proven, innovative technology tool to deter crime.

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Current Projects

Our Partners

Our partnerships will provide much-needed resources, including information, experience, and infrastructure. With this collaboration, we will help our neighborhoods thrive.